Capoeira, a rich hybrid fight-like dance, dance-like fight, ritual, and way of life. Come see what we have to offer!

Capoeira Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday


Teen/Adult Beginner Intermediate



Teen/Adult Beginner Intermediate
10:30am – 12pm

 is a part of the United Capoeira Association is led by Instructor Mestiço and Monitor Primo under the tutelage and supervision of Professor Besouro. Student of the legendary Capoeira Mestre, Mestre Acordeon.

Ubirajara “Mestre Acordeon” Almeida, founder of United Capoeira Association and student of legendary Mestre Bimba, is an author, musician, historian, and most importantly, an iconic capoeira master.

UCA-Capoeira Phoenix is growing into the Valley of the Sun’s premier Capoeira Academy. Our approach to capoeira involves humility to the wisdom already long established in the art of capoeira balanced with a thoughtful approach to the body, mind, and spirit of each student.